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Discussing Taiwan-India Ties with Taiwan Fellow Sana Hashmi

Taiwan and India currently are now presented with an unprecedented opportunity to deepen our ties. Thank you, Sana Hashmi , for visiting me this morning at my Taiwan NextGen Foundation office to discuss a potential blueprint for bolstering the soft power of our respective nations. Sana's enthusiasm for promoting #Taiwan-#India ties truly rubs off on others. She has a profound and nuanced understanding of the concept of soft power, and what it would take for Taiwan and India to establish truly effective people-to-people ties. During our productive meeting, we touched on a wide array of topics, from boba to Bollywood, and from tourism to theater. Given that for Taiwan-India ties, "the basics are still not there," we need to prioritize raising awareness of our countries and dismantling false stereotypes. This endeavor requires a bottom-up approach - and our think tank can help with that! One of the three research pillars of Taiwan NextGen Foundation is our New Southbound Policy program. Even though I find it to be a great concept, its branding continues to be poor, as audiences in Taiwan and overseas have very little understanding of the contents and intentions of the policy. I eagerly await future collaborations with Sana to fully harness the potential of NSP.



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