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February 17, 2021: Briefings on Taiwan-US relations

1) China considering limits on rare earth element trade with the US

· China may limit or stop rare earth metal trade with the US to see if restrictions would impact US production of weapons and military equipment.

· Some of the defensive weapons that the US sells to Taiwan require rare earth metals for production.

· Due to China’s central role in rare earth metal production, the US is looking to expand other supply lines and reduce reliance on China.

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2) Biden continues to add members to his China policy team

· US President Biden has added more staff members to the China team who have expressed tough stances on China in past writings, including Melanie Hart, Ely Ratner, and Elizabeth Rosenberg.

· Although the administration’s future China policies are still unclear, the new members’ positions could indicate more rigid and competition-oriented policies to come.

· Domestic divides on how the US should deal with China are still causing some difficulties for the Biden administration, especially over Huawei and 5G technology.

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3) Beijing unhappy with next Hong Kong Stock Exchange CEO

· JPMorgan banker Nicolas Aguzin has been selected to take over as the Hong Kong Stock Exchange CEO, drawing criticism from Beijing for choosing a foreigner.

· Some are concerned that Aguzin’s work ability may be impacted by his western upbringing and illiteracy in Cantonese or Mandarin.

· Aguzin previously stated that he hoped China would open more to western investment, which may be more difficult in the future due to US-China tensions over Hong Kong’s economic status.

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