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February 8, 2021: Briefings on Taiwan-US Relations

1) Technology standardization increasingly competitive with China

· As new technologies are developing rapidly, China is attempting to use its power in international organizations to take charge of technology standards planning.

· Various levels of the Chinese government offer to fund companies developing new and international use standards to compete with western countries in maintaining technical standards.

· Other countries are concerned about losing market control to China and the possible threat of users’ data being collected by the Chinese firms.

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2) Human rights a point of confrontation between US and China

· US Secretary of State Antony Blinken stressed the importance of human rights during his first official call with China, calling on Beijing to address violations in Xinjiang, Tibet, and Hong Kong.

· China warned the US to stay out of its domestic affairs, including the previous administration’s designation of genocide in Xinjiang.

· The US and China are competing in the Indo-Pacific over several issues, such as how to address the recent coup in Myanmar and increasing Chinese pressure on Taiwan.

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3) The US calls on Guyana to fulfill stronger ties with Taiwan

· The American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) called on Guyana to strengthen ties with Taiwan after rescinding the decision to establish an official Taiwanese office in-country.

· Guyana cited the One-China principle as the reason for the change. Significantly, China was also set to send COVID-19 vaccines to Guyana.

· AIT representative Amanda Mansour continued to implore other countries to build unofficial relations with Taiwan.



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