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March 15, 2021: Briefings on Taiwan-US relations

1) US officials' visits to Asian allies mark the need for stability in the region

· Upcoming US officials' visits to allied countries aim to strengthen cooperation and capacity to curb any hostile efforts from China.

· China's modernizing military has drawn the attention of many countries, leading the US to seek to improve its military capability in the region.

· Biden has still stated that despite the competition, cooperation with China may be possible in fields such as climate change.

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2) Meeting between the US and China will address US concerns

· After calling China out on moves to change Hong Kong's election system, US officials plan to address Hong Kong and Xinjiang, and Taiwan in an upcoming meeting with China.

· US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has criticized Chinese attacks on democracies, outlining a major concern for the US.

· The US has stated that it hopes to produce definitive results in relations with China through the meeting and is not "looking to engage in talks for the sake of talks."

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3) Quad Alliance vaccines will compete against Chinese vaccines

· The US, India, Japan, and Australia have agreed to disperse as many as one billion vaccines in the Indo-Pacific to compete with Chinese vaccines.

· The vaccines are part of more extensive plans that include investment, economic policy, maritime laws to curb China's perceived disruption of the Indo-Pacific region.

· The overarching goal for the Quad is to ensure democracies are safe in the region, making specific references to Taiwan and Hong Kong.

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