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March 2, 2021: Briefings on Taiwan-US relations

1) Taiwan expanding export markets past China

· After China's restriction on Taiwanese pineapple imports, Taiwan's Council of Agriculture (COA) has announced the expansion of fruit export markets.

· Taiwan fruit exports to the US have grown 210% in the past few years and should continue to rise with recent changes in export strategy.

· Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, and some Muslim countries are prime markets for exports, and domestically various promotions are encouraging pineapple sales.

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2) Technology trade key to strengthening US position in Indo-Pacific

· US president Biden plans to use microchip production and trade as the basis for alliances to compete with China in the Indo-Pacific.

· Taiwan and South Korea are key partners for the new US approach and traditional Quad allies Japan, Australia, and India.

· The US also plans to increase investment and domestic manufacturing of chips and technology to counter global shortages.

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3) China denies human rights violations amidst rising pressure

· In response to mounting pressure from the US and other western countries, China has begun targeting Uyghur women's accounts, speaking out against their past treatment.

· Both the previous and current US administrations have called the Uyghur people's treatment "genocide" and have enacted sanctions against China.

· Uyghur women allege experiences of sexual assault while in "vocational training centers," but China claims that these statements are false and unsupported by the women's past accounts and history.

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