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March 22, 2021: Briefings on Taiwan-US relations

1) China’s claim over Taiwan incites rejection from the Taiwan Mainland Affairs Council

· After China insisted that Taiwan is a part of the People’s Republic of China during last week’s US-China meeting, Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council rejected the claim.

· The US pressed China in the meeting about human rights violations and threats to democratic societies, including Taiwan.

· Biden has stressed the importance of working together with countries that hold similar values while competing with China.

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2) Japan and the US agree on the importance of defending Taiwan

· Prior to the US-China meeting, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin met with Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi to discuss regional military security.

· Japan also supports the peaceful resolution of Cross-Strait relations and during the meeting reiterated the need for peace instead of the use of force.

· Should violence break out and the US get involved, Japan may support the US militarily in the defense of Taiwan and is considering plans and feasibility.

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3) Japan under pressure for supporting protection of Taiwan

· Japan’s cooperation with the US and position on defending Taiwan should conflict occur may cause China to take up a tougher stance against Japan.

· Japan therefore will have to balance its relationship with the US and any attempts to curb China’s power.

· Joint US-Japan statements on conditions regarding Xinjiang, Hong Kong, and Taiwan incited a fervent response from China, condemning the position as one that directly goes against precedent and Chinese interests.

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